MKFM Presenter Hawa Kassam reaches final 11 of Worldwide Competition

Radio Presenter Hawa Kassam from MKFM has made it through to Top 11 in a Worldwide Radio Competition, Radio Star 2022. 

Initially the competition began with over 450 applications from all across the world which were carefully narrowed down to 25 who got through. Since then, after several challenges, 25 have been narrowed down to just 11.  

She has also just been nominated for a Muslim Women’s Award in the Media Category. 

Hawa has a very tongue-in-cheek style personality and is not afraid to ask the questions you would only dare to think. You may also see her face pop up hosting events in MK including the Inspiration Awards. 

You can hear Hawa weekdays on MKFM throughout August on the Drive show between 4-7PM. 

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