Burger King to give away free burgers to mark re-opening of centre:mk store

Burger King will be marking the return of their store at the centre:mk in Milton Keynes is back by giving away 1,000* FREE Whoppers® or Plant-based Whoppers® to lucky locals.

The deal is first-come-first-served, and available exclusively on the Burger King® app on Wednesday 6th July 2022 only, so burger lovers will have to be quick.

Once in the app, customers simply have to select the ‘Milton Keynes Silbury Arcade’ restaurant, and the offer will appear in the ‘Offers’ tab for guests to show to staff at the counter.

The restaurant will be set to re-open following a period of renovation.

Paul Coffey, Restaurant Manager, explains: “At the fully refurbished restaurant, customers will be welcomed with a brand-new dining area, front counter and customer facilities. To help improve guests’ dining experience, 5 new digital ordering kiosks have been installed alongside new digital menu boards. The restaurant also now boasts a new frozen drinks machine and a drinks freestyle machine, offering diners a whopping range of flavours to choose from. Even the outside of the restaurant has had a fresh new makeover.

“We are excited to reopen and start serving up the signature recipes, premium ingredients, and family-friendly dining experience that Burger King fans know and love.”

For those not quick enough to secure themselves one of the free burgers up for grabs – fear not. The Burger King® app includes countless other great value offers, including £1.99 Whoppers® available at every Burger King® branch every Wednesday, all year round!

Download the Burger King® app via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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