New professional orchestra launches to make classical music accessible in Bucks

A new professional orchestra has been created to ensure classical music is accessible and inclusive for more people in Buckinghamshire.

Alina Orchestra is a brand new professional orchestra created by founder Nick Cutts to ensure that classical music is as accessible & inclusive for everyone as possible in the communities of Buckinghamshire.

The mission statement that Alina seeks to fulfil is that they wish to introduce audiences to classical music by presenting concerts in a friendly and approachable way, taking audiences on a musical journey of artistic excellence through captivating performances whilst reaching all corners of the community through its many unique outreach programmes.

Alina Orchestra is ‘Orchestra in Residence’ at The University of Buckingham and is delighted to announce a very special concert on 4 June ‘Music from the Royal Courts’  to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. ‘Music from the Royal Courts’ takes place at the Radcliffe Centre at 7.30 pm and features the orchestra brass section presenting a programme of festive and ceremonial music that celebrates the contribution of many of the masters of the Queen’s and King’s music, with music from composers such as Elgar, Maxwell-Davies and introduced by Musical Director, Hilary Davan Wetton.

Tickets are available via the orchestra website on 4 June: ‘Music from the Royal Courts’ | Alina Orchestra

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