‘Bucks Star Beer’s brewery taproom is a hidden MK gem’

Celebrate:MK editor Jon Boyle went for an evening out at Bucks Star Beer’s tap house on the edge of Wolverton to try their delightful range of home-brewed craft beers and handmade sourdough pizzas. Here, he explains why the cosy, friendly taproom on an industrial estate in Stonebridge is one of Milton Keynes’ best kept secrets…

Bucks Star Beer has brought a tantalising taste of the London microbrewery culture to Milton Keynes over the past two years.

My only regret, as a huge craft beer fan myself, is that I have only just discovered it!

Tucked away on an industrial estate in Stonebridge, just outside of Wolverton, Bucks Star Beer’s brewery tap house is one of MK’s best kept secrets.

Launched in spring 2020, owner Datis Gol has spent the past two years quietly working on fulfilling his vision of bringing the joy of organic home-brewed craft beer to the people of MK.

I popped along to try it out with my beer enthusiast friend, Luke, and we found that Datis has already
succeeded in his mission by creating a vibrant community space where trendy-looking millennials come together to play board games, eat handmade sourdough pizza and chat over a shared love of
craft beer. It’s a special place.

We tried a range of Datis’s live unfiltered beers, which are all vegan-friendly and brewed on site with organic grains and no added sugars.

As well as the beers on tap, you can purchase ‘Bucks Star Beer’s brewery taproom is a hidden MK gem’
bottles, cans and eco-friendly growlers to take home, plus organic wines too.

The first beer we tried was the No. 1 Pale Ale, which is Bucks Star’s flagship beer and the first one they launched. With light citrus notes, this 4% beer is tasty and very easy to drink.

The second beer we had was Evolve, which is a 5% real lager. It’s a smooth beer that is produced in the
same way as an ale, but it doesn’t go through filtration or pasterisation and the carbonation is naturally
occuring, so it’s a healthier choice than your average lager. A lovely beverage.

The third beer we tried was Copernicus, which is a delicious 3.8% copper ale.

But we saved the best until last as the fourth and final beer we tried was Bucks Star’s Steenbrugge 4.8% Belgian ale, which is simply stunning.

It has a really strong, fruity, wheaty taste and we ended up ordering a few more of these as we chatted and ate a couple of lovely, fresh sourdough pizzas late into the night.

The friendly owner, Datis, kindly came and sat with us for a while and shared his inspiration behind the business.

“I lived, worked and studied in London for a few years and attended lots of social events that involved drinking realbeer,” he said. “I made some great memories and wanted to replicate those kind of memories for myself and others once I moved back to MK.”

And with live music acts and networking events lined up over the coming months at the tap house, the future is looking extremely bright for this hidden gem of MK.

Bucks Star Beer’s brewery taproom is open Tuesdays to Saturdays at 17 Twizel Close, Stonebridge, Milton Keynes, MK130DX. Call 01908 590054 or visit http://www.BucksStar.Beer

This feature was published in the April/May 2022 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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