Bletchley Milton Keynes Lions Club and West Bletchley Council lead Bleed Control Kit initiative

Bletchley Milton Keynes Lions Club and West Bletchley Council have purchased 6 “Bleed Control Kits”, which are being distributed in the Bletchley area to Public Houses and Late-Night venues.

The Lions and Bletchley Council, along with the help of Leon Resident Association, have been at the forefront of an initiative to see bleed control kits become available in city center pubs and Late-Night venues.

These kits are used as they could help prevent victims of knife violence from bleeding to death.

These kits are not just about treating people who are stabbed, but can also be effectively used on car crash victims or anyone who has an accident.

The average time it takes an ambulance crew to get to the scene of an accident is seven minutes. Catastrophic bleeding from a trauma injury such as a stabbing, shooting or road traffic collision can prove fatal in three to five minutes.

The intent with these enhanced provision of these kits in various location in Bletchley is that this will reduce the death rate of such sad events.

These kits are not going to solve knife crime, but it is going to help save lives

The Bleed Kits – which include pressure dressings, gauze bandages and tourniquets – are designed to prevent stab-related deaths in the same way public defibrillators have been credited with a drop in heart attack deaths.

The reason we need more Bleed Kits are to save this happening again and again.

Lynne Baird (MBE), 62, lost son Daniel, 26, when he bled to death in minutes outside The Forge Tavern in Digbeth, Birmingham, after being knifed while out celebrating a new job with friends in July 2017.

Since his death, the mother-of-eight has dedicated herself to preventing other stabbing deaths – raising thousands of pounds for the Daniel Baird Foundation.

We are looking for more locations to install the Bleed Kits or more information, please contact Bletchley Lions on 0345 8339592 or

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