Local anti-knife crime campaigner Quinton is a double award winner

Celebrate:MK anti-knife crime columnist Quinton Green, who shot to fame as UK garage MC Champagne Bubblee in the noughties, scooped two awards at the Antoin Akpom Achievement Foundation Awards for his relentless youth mentoring work across the country since launching the charity Knife Crime Victim Support. Quinton expresses his gratitude in the first of a new series of columns from him in 2022.

It was absolutely unreal to be recognised as a double award-winning youth mentor in December at the
AAA 4 Success Awards.

It’s been three years now since I established Knife Crime Victim Support as an online charitable initiative.

Since then we’ve partnered with schools, police forces, charities, county councils and youth organisations across the country.

I worked out today that I’ve delivered workshops or assemblies to about 4,700 young people since January, addressing societal Issues and encouraging them to express themselves through music, spoken word, creative writing and performing arts.

Every moment has been an eye opener, but there’s real sense of reward in seeing a difference/change in
youngsters with challenging behaviour or those from a disaffected background in particular.

The charity that presented me with the award for Inspirational Community Mentor Is led by Cheryl Armatrading, a mother who sadly lost her son Antoin to knife crime in 2013.

This work is not for recognition, ego or accolades. It’s about approaching it with humility, authenticity and passion.

But to have my work as a mentor acknowledged by such a courageous woman, who is genuinely committed to making change, means the absolute world to me.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for her.

To everyone that has supported our work in the community – you are appreciated. Many of you saw that this all started from a dream.

I’ll never forget that…. Dream + Action = Reality.

Quinton Green, who is a poet under the name ‘Mr Milise’, is a Professional Youth Mentor and delivers PSHE, Creative Writing and Music Workshops across the country. Learn more at mmapworkshops.co.uk or email mrqgreen1@gmail.com

This feature was published in the February/March 2022 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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