‘I’m living my dream in Les Mis’

Les Misérables returns to Milton Keynes Theatre this spring so we caught up with musical star Dean Chisnall to hear about his lead role.

Les Misérables: The must-see musical is back in Milton Keynes.

Following a sell-out run in 2019, the acclaimed production of Les Misérables returns to Milton Keynes Theatre in April.

Taking on the formidable role of Jean Valjean is musical star, Dean Chisnall (pictured).

We had a chat with him about what people can expect from one of the world’s most popular musicals…

What’s it like to play such an iconic role in musical theatre?

I say it to everybody, this is the dream role for anyone in musical theatre. It’s the pinnacle for any male
performer and I just feel very lucky to do it, and to have done it for as long as I have. I pinch myself every day.

Do you remember the first time you saw the show?

I’ve always been a fan, long before I even dreamt of having a career in theatre. I was in

London on my own about the age of 18 and pootled off to get myself a single ticket to see Les Miserables at The Palace Theatre. I sat there and completely fell in love with the show.

Does the role require a lot of stamina as a performer, and what helps you to perform each night?

Preparation is key! It is tiring but I have to say probably more mentally exhausting than it is physically because of who Jean Valjean is and what a marathon journey he goes on. We are here to give the audience some sort of escape and of course actors like to escape into a role as well… you have to live and breathe these characters. You can’t fake Les Mis.

Why do you think audiences still love to come and see Les Mis?

The messages of Les Mis are still so relevant. The show now is as fresh as it ever was, it’s a wonderful company that we’ve got here, and we’re delighted to be sharing it with people. There is no show that has a reaction quite like this one. It’s the greatest show on earth.

Les Misérables is at Milton Keynes Theatre from Tuesday April 26 to Saturday May 21. Tickets are available at ATGTICKETS.COM/MiltonKeynes

This feature was published in the February/March 2022 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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