Jon’s fab five: Celebrate:MK editor turns restaurant reviewer

Jon Boyle discusses his transformation from ‘fatty’ to ‘foodie’ as he selects his current top five local independent restaurants for you to visit in 2022.

Hello, I’m Jon and I am addicted to eating out.

Back in the day they used to call people like me a fatty, but it came as a nice surprise to find that I’m now considered a foodie.

I don’t know exactly when eating food became a trendy hobby but thank goodness it did, as it gave a significant boost to my vacuous CV and online dating profile that had previously listed my interests as ‘football’ and, even worse, ‘socialising with friends’.

As usual, I’ve eaten out quite a bit lately so I thought I’d share with you my current topfive indie restaurants in MK.

If you are looking for further foodie inspo, I’d highly recommend joining the Facebook group ‘Eat & Explore MK’, run by Sophie Etc.


I’ve posted so much love for Wing Kingz on my Instagram account @jonboylemk that someone asked if I have shares in the place.

The answer is no, sadly, but I would be happy to share my beef brisket loaded fries with him as the portions are humongous.

I love the buttermilk buffalo ‘Prince’ wings with a pint of Camden Pale Ale. With live sport on the TVs too, Wing Kingz is a top class addition to the CMK dining scene.


It’s been around for donkey’s years but, for me, this is still the best Thai restaurant in Milton Keynes.

The spicy banquets are incredible and the authentic Thai decor makes it the perfect atmospheric date venue to wow your mistress – or wife.


Dimly lit and with stunning views of the restaurant from the upper tier, Deroka is one of MK’s most picturesque venues.

I eat here regularly as the Turkish food is good and it’s a relaxing precursor to any big sesh at The Hub.


This is more of a takeaway than a dine-in restaurant but, if I’m not feasting on a Domino’s, I order my pizza from Oleevo.

The ingredients are so fresh and the olives and parma ham toppings are heavenly.

Delivery is quick through the MK Eats app and, if you’re ready to stretch yourself, Oleevo offer 18-inchers too.


When I fancy a Turkish takeaway, I drive past about five other Turkish restaurants to pick up an Antep Kitchen. The food here, for me, is the best in MK.

It’s a memorable place to dine in for a birthday too as they play you a weird birthday song and everyone claps and stares at you while you pray for a power cut.

This feature was published in the February/March 2022 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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