5 health-focused weight loss tips to get you started in 2022

Milton Keynes personal trainer and nutritional advisor Joana Todor Back offers some healthy tips to help you lose weight – without going hungry.

There is nothing worse than starting the New Year with an intense focus on weight loss and thinking the only way to achieve this is with a restrictive crash diet.

These attempts usually fail after a few weeks and often result in an increase in weight.

My approach is more towards health vs weight. In my many years of experience both for myself and working with clients, weight loss is achieved by constantly making healthy choices and never going hungry.

Here are 5 health-focused weight loss tips to get you started this year…

1. Sleep!

Weight gain, or inability to lose weight, may be directly linked to a lack of sleep.

Research shows that lack of sleep affects our mood and our hormones which are directly linked to hunger and satiety.

Poor sleep increases levels of the hormone ghreline that makes us feel hungry and decreases levels of leptine that creates feelings of fullness, which leads to an increase in hunger during the day.

Work on an exact sleeping pattern, aim to get a consistent 6-7 hours sleep every night.

If you struggle with sleep, try magnesium spray, a hot bath with Himalayan pink salt and avoid blue light gadgets before bed.

2. A time-restricted eating routine

This is linked to healthy ageing but also achieves a steady weight reduction.

Look at eating in an eight hour window (for example midday to 8pm).

Build up to this slowly, adding an hour every few days. It does not have to be followed every day.

Consume water or fruit teas in the times you’re not eating.

3. Avoid emotional eating

Emotional eating is the cause of over-eating 88 per cent of the time.

The past two years has heightened anxiety and stress, so what actions can you take?

Before reaching for food, quickly check in with yourself and ask is it real hunger or are you thirsty or are your emotions taking over?

That pause alone will make you realise that 4 out of 10 times you’re thirsty rather than hungry, and you can start to change your approach to food.

If it is not thirst but your emotion, try deep abdominal breathing, going for a walk, doing 10 minutes of yoga or chatting to friends or family.

If by the end of this it is still food, then try first to reach out to crudites like vegetables or fruits.

4. Snacking

This is one of the major culprits for creeping weight gain.

It creates a greater release of insulin that can cause blood glucose to be stored as abdominal fat. And raised insulin levels inhibits fat breakdown.

If you snack because you are hungry between meals, then read on!

5. Balanced main meals

A typical plate of food contains too many starchy carbohydrates – like bread, pasta and potatoes – with insufficient protein and good fats to balance the meal.

These starchy foods can quickly raise blood glucose levels, leading to raised insulin/fat storage described

The solution is to reduce starchy carbohydrates, increase the vegetable/fibre content, look at eating a minimum 2g of protein/1kg of lean mass and be sure to have good fats with a meal as these foods slow the release of the sugars.

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This feature was published in the February/March 2022 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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