Local Parish Council uses fake children to raise awareness of road safety

Great Linford Parish Council (GLPC) has taken drastic action in its bid to solve traffic issues around schools in its Parish – by using children to stand in the problem areas.

But these youngsters, affectionately nicknamed ‘little people’, are made from a metal compound and serve as a very clear warning for motorists to think before they park irresponsibly.

The Parish Council secured funding support from Milton Keynes Council in the initiative to support schools in the Parish wanting to raise awareness and improve safety, and they have been proving quite a hit since being introduced.

“Like most schools, we have a lot of traffic building up at the beginning and end of the school day,” said Kate Mathews, Headteacher with the Boulevard Primary Partnership Federation (BPPF).

“The areas around where the children enter and leave can become very congested. The ‘little people’ are a wonderful addition to help us safeguard our pupils at this busy time, and help reinforce the work we do in school around road safety and hopefully alert our parents to the problem areas.

“Southwood School, Downs Barn School and Germander Park School have all benefited from the Parish Council’s generosity with this scheme and our new ‘little friends’ are in use daily around the school gates,” Kate added.

GLPC Parish Manager Eirwen Tagg said: “Because these signs are in the shape of pupils, they really capture the attention of drivers and share the road safety message. They are helping schools to tackle dangerous parking at drop-off and pick-up times, and are helping to help keep students, staff and parents safe, which is priceless.”

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