Tyre Talk Column: ‘Hang on to your tyre hats!‘

Ray Pantling, owner of Tyres Direct, explains how he has made a range of tyre hats to celebrate National Hat Day.

So this is a bit of a bizarre one – I’ve been reliably informed that in the USA on Saturday 15th January 2022 they will be celebrating National Hat Day.

Tyres Direct has entered the tightest hat competition – hopefully this year I can pull it off!

Hang on to your hats and celebrate the day in style by donning your beloved Fedora, Cap or Bonnet, and I will doff my Tyre Trilby Hat.

I have designed many hats using unwanted, end of life tyre rubber – all can be seen at Tyres Direct in Bletchley.

There are so many styles of hats and names we give them, and I think they bring a real bit of style to an outfit – and you can truly round it off with a tyre hat.

From protecting your head from the cold or heat of the day, to just expressing who you are to the world, hat day is a good day to sport your best headwear.

If you can’t hang on to your hat and celebrate hat day then call into Tyres Direct and let me design and create your titfer.

Finally… did you hear the story about two hats that were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway?

One hat said to the other “you stay here, I’ll go on a head.“

Until next time, you can find me at Tyres Direct on the address below. Hat’s your lot!

You can find Ray at Tyres Direct, Unit 51, Barton Road, Water Eaton Industrial Estate, Bletchley, MK2 3BN. For more information follow @TyresDirectBletch on Facebook or visit the website.

This feature was published in the December 21/January 22 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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