Beauty with Nilam Column: ‘I’ve seen a huge rise in male clients’

World-renowned beauty and skin expert Nilam Holmes discusses her treatments, TV work, Xmas and more in her latest Celebrate:MK column.

Hi, I’m Nilam Holmes, beauty expert to the stars and owner of renowned Dermaspa clinic and cosmetic brands EyebrowQueen and Puromist.

Sorry I’ve not been able to write my usual column the last few months, I have been much busier than usual (if that is even possible!)

I am still finding the demand for more intense long-lasting treatments rather than pampering and most notably I have seen a huge increase in the number of male clients that have been visiting the
clinic – especially since the male makeovers were on our screens on 10 Years Younger.

I’m looking forward to the show returning to TV so you can see the new makeovers the team and I have done.

I have been working on location a lot more recently with the return of filming, shoots and productions.

With Covid rules we are having to set up pop-ups in closed sets but luckily I have the “Dermabus” to transport everything safely.

Treatment of the month

The Harmony Clear Vein treatment, which uses a laser to rid broken capillaries and spider veins on the face and body.

As we age our vascular system becomes more fragile and we find ourselves developing broken capillaries
which cause the skin to look red or mottled.

This is all worsened by extreme conditions like cold and heat. The clear vein treatment works by using laser energy to break up the broken vein into small fragments that then allows the bodies scavenger cells to carry them away leaving clearer skin.

The skin can look a bit worse before it gets better but then most things that work do this.

Tip: to strengthen the vascular system and prevent broken capillaries make sure you have a balanced diet rich in iron, vitamin B6, B12 and omega 3s to help blood flow, and vitamin K to strengthen the capillary walls.

We will hopefully get to have a more festive Christmas this year with our friends and loved ones.

We have booked our Dermaspa Christmas party at Willen Lake again this year which is a favourite with my
team. Have a great Christmas!

For more, visit and follow Nilam’s updates on Instagram @nilamholmes

This feature was published in the December 21/January 22 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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