Celebrity Designer’s Tunetable Rescue’s Interiors Vinyl Trend With Unique Artistic Style

Creative designer Rob Chappelhow, has now turned his passion to music with his latest design project and the birth of ‘Tunetables’ .

As a designer whose career has included design diversity from sports, to private islands and exclusive home interiors, this latest design was born out of a personal need to showcase his music and became a lockdown innovation boost! 

With vinyl sales up 108% in the first 6 months of 2021 (source: CNBC), there’s never been a better time for this kind of unique interior design furniture.  Marrying the design aesthetics of a flight case with luxury quality, Tunetables is an innovative multi-functional product that evokes live music and displays music like never before in an artistic and yet practical way, designed and built in Britain. They are also now proud to announce the collaboration with British RnB legends Nine Below Zero to create a unique series of LIMITED EDITION Tunetables.

Rob Chapplehow said, “With the advent of streaming, the CDs and vinyl that had seen me through significant life moments were consigned to gathering dust hidden away in my home. Tunetables was born out of a personal desire to have my music collection around me once again.”

Inspired by his visit to the Joe Strummer Archive exhibition in the Fred Perry flagship store in Covent Garden, where Strummer’s personal tape collection was set out under an acrylic plinth, Rob got thinking! Built to last and made in Britain, Tunetables are made using state-of-the-art CNC cutting technology, bespoke CAD software, and top-quality tour-grade hardware. The result is a luxury, quality flight case that could be the ever-changing piece of art in the music lover’s home. Tunetables debuted at the Morgan Howell at 45rpm pop-up gallery to tremendous reception.

Morgan Howell said, “After investing God knows how much on our CD collection, and with the realisation that we don’t even own a CD player anymore, what to do? Leave them on the shelf, chuck them away? Tunetables is of course the genius answer. The coolest of time capsules and a talking point for evermore.”

Tunetables is the latest of Chappelhow’s creative endeavours, having spent the past 30 years in the world of design.

You can find out more at https://www.tunetables.co.uk, or see examples of the work on https://www.instagram.com/tunetables.co.uk/

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