City of Light festival astounds Milton Keynes residents and visitors

Locals from in and around Milton Keynes enjoyed the spectacular ‘City of Light’ festival earlier this month, courtesy of the Milton Keynes Islamic Arts & Culture (MKIAC).

The event was a free festival held across various locations in Milton Keynes. It was held a celebration of Milton Keynes’ rich technology and communications heritage, the city’s diverse and engaged community and Islam’s unique artistic cultural background.

Over 6,000 attendees enjoyed workshops, seminars and unique cultural performances across the weekend featuring a combination of art, science and technology. The festival’s main event wowed attendees with an impressive parade of light that included live music, performances and a laser light show that was visible right across the city.

MKIAC founding director and CEO, Anouar Kassim, said: “City of Light brought such enthusiasm to Milton Keynes last weekend. It was fantastic to see diverse communities, young and old, participating in the experience together. It was a true celebration of arts and culture.”

MKIAC will be hosting its next event in Milton Keynes on 17th November. Stay tuned for more information on the event, ‘Healing Arc’, which will include spoken word, panel discussions, music, and food, all inspired by inter faith month.

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