Murphy Runs Column: Running into the third trimester

Murphy Runs shares her experience of staying active during her pregnancy.

Hello fellow runners!

Last time I caught up with you, I shared the news that I am expecting my first baby – a boy – in September 2021.

Well, at time of writing, I am just two weeks away from my due date.

Pregnancy is so different for every woman, sometimes without explanation, but I wanted to share my positive experience of running and staying active through my low-risk pregnancy.

Me and this little bump ran over 500 miles together, the MK Turing 10km race at 27 weeks pregnant, climbed Mount Snowdown, ran in the snow, the trails, climbed Pen-y-Fan and explored the peaks of the Scottish Isle of Skye during my third trimester.

It’s safe to say we’ve had a fun and exciting year of adventures and fitness.

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to notice that I am getting quite tired and I am slowing down, but overall I truly believe that staying active kept me energetic and feeling like myself with minimal symptoms.

It’s not been all sunshine and rainbows though. I started to suffer from pelvic pain from very early on.

At 34 weeks, the pelvic pain I would experience post-run impacted my mobility far too much, so I switched to run-walks (90 seconds of running, 60 seconds of walking).

That was still too much, so now I am heading to the gym and training on the cross-trainer.

My priority now is to rest, but if you’re a runner like me, you’ll know the feeling that exercise is the way us runners like to ‘rest’, so I am still making sure I do something active each day, if not for fitness then for my mind.

I am excited to start the journey of returning to running. This whole experience has taught me that I have
no desire to be the fastest runner; I just love getting my trainers on and running outside in all weathers.

See you in a few months – hopefully with a new little running buddy and some post-partum miles under my belt!

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This feature was published in the October/November 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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