Cranberryhome Column: What’s it like to be an Interior Designer?

Hugo Fleming, Design Director of award-winning local interior design company Cranberryhome, tells all about hectic schedules, client meetings and deadlines…

Being an Interior Designer sounds like a glamorous job, right? Like getting to pick colour palettes, shop all day for the perfect rug and the occasional lunch with a client?

Or is it stressing over budgets that don’t meet clients’ requirements, negotiating with suppliers that have delivered the wrong item or finding trades for last-minute changes?

Like all jobs, it has its ups and downs, but for all those curious amongst you, here is a typical day:

5:55 – Alarm goes off, up, and get my wife to the station with a packed lunch, return and if the weather is fine, squeeze in a short run before a healthy breakfast and fresh coffee.

8:00 – In the office catching up on emails and any outstanding issues, plan the day and prioritise before staff arrive from 8:30.

9:00 – Finalise designs for a client presentation later in the day, print out drawings and collate samples for the client to approve. Design meeting with our other designers to check progress and offer advice and guidance.

10:30 – Field a few phone calls to chase up missing furniture for a fast-approaching deadline, eventually find out after several phone calls that the delivery team didn’t recognise the new build postcode!

11:00 – Second coffee of the day and a short break, whilst still catching up with emails and messages from clients.

11:15 – Visit to site to check progress of the panelling design. It is great to catch up with trades that really share our vision on detail and quality. We discuss design details and problem solve the practicalities of the design before updating the client.

12:30 – Sample books arrive in the office from a new supplier. The team love looking at new fabrics and collections, so we take an extended lunch to mull over the new collections.

13:30 – Head out to a client to give the first presentation of our concept designs for their self-build project. This is a satisfying part of the job as you get to see different places and meet individual clients in their own homes.

16:00 – Back to the office, head buzzing with ideas on revisions for this client and excited to work on final designs and costings.

17:00 – Budget meeting with one of our designers to approve revised budgets for a bathroom design.

18:00 – Finish the day by booking our photographer for a completed project and creating a shoot plan before having some “me“ time with our Siamese cat Coco.

Hugo is Design Director of Cranberryhome, the award winning interior design and property styling company based in Milton Keynes. Often found at Ask an Expert at Grand Designs Live, Hugo is in demand as an interior designer all over the UK.

This feature was published in the August/September 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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