Reel Reviewer Column: No Time To Die for James Bond

Jason Day previews the latest cinema releases, including Daniel Craig’s last James Bond appearance.

Now, Voyager (out on August 6)

A small-scale release for this impeccable, 1942 black and white melodrama starring Bette Davis.

She plays a sheltered heiress who, after a breakdown, blooms as a sophisticated woman. The scene where Paul Henreid lights her cigarette made WWII audiences swoon.

The Paw Patrol Movie (August 13)

Something to keep the kids happy. Paw Patrol are pups who respond when their neighbours need help.

In this big screen outing they’re called to Adventure City to stop the mayor from turning it into a state of chaos.

Candyman (August 27)

The 1992 horror saw Virginia Madsen conjure up dead killer Tony Todd by saying his name five times in a mirror.

So chillingly believable was Todd he reprised the role in lesser sequels and is back here, going after artist Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Annette (September 3)

Hulking Adam Driver is a comic and fragrant Frenchy Marion Cotillard an opera singer in a goofy drama about their romance and daughter who is born with a surprising gift.

Respect (September 10)

Biopic about soul singer Aretha Franklin played by Jennifer Hudson. Hudson has the lungs to belt out a good tune, as evidenced by her Oscar-winning performance in Dreamgirls.

Dune (September 17)

Will I FINALLY tick this off my delayed-due-to-Covid, cinematic bucket list?

Timothee Chalamet stars as one of many aristocrats battling to control a planet that produces a spice used in intergalactic travel. The trailer looks truly out there.

No Time To Die (September 30)

The last James Bond with Daniel Craig reunites him with Spectre co-star Léa Seydoux.

Bond has left active service but when a pal asks for help he’s led to villain Rami Malek who has new and dangerous technology.

From the trailer it looks lavish with girls, guns and gadgets galore.

And at MK Gallery (August 3): The Truffle Hunters

Italian production about hardy farmers and their pooches who quest for the most valuable truffle of all looks beguiling. Tickets at

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This feature was published in the August/September 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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