MK based campaigner nominated for UK’s Largest Diversity Awards

Kerry Thompson from Milton Keynes has been shortlisted for the Positive Role Model Award for Disability at the National Diversity Awards 2021.

An astonishing 52,000 people nominated this year alone and the results are finally in for the National Diversity Awards (NDA), with an astonishing 126 nominees being recognised for their various achievements nationwide.

Community organisations and role models from across the UK will head to the breath-taking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 4th February to witness the countries 2021 winners being crowned the best of British diversity.

Amongst those being honoured are charities, campaigners and activists, all of whom work tirelessly to combat injustice and discrimination in very different ways.

Kerry Thompson shortlisted for the Positive Role Model Award for Disability.

Kerry Thompson is a lifestyle and disability blogger from Milton Keynes. At 24 was diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy a progressive muscle-wasting condition, Kerry uses her platform to promote awareness of the condition and to strive for a more accessible and equal world for everybody.

Kerry is a leading campaigner for the changing places campaign to increase the number of fully accessible toilet facilities available around the country. Through her campaign, Kerry was instrument in securing more than 102 Changing Places facilities throughout Tesco stores. as well as being a key contributor to the changes made within the Government legislation regarding new builds adding Changing Places. Kerry continues working with her local council in building more Changing Places in her area.

She said, “I believe I’m only doing what some else would be doing if they were in my shoes or wheels! I don’t want someone fighting for the same reasons I am in 10 years’ time. To live the that we choose not one that is chosen for us.”

Previous winners include actor Warwick Davis, men’s mental health charity Andys Man Club and reformed breast cancer survivor Codilia Gapare.

Paul Sesay, Founder and CEO of the National Diversity Awards added, “During challenging times, it is now more important than ever to recognise our nation’s unsung role models. Let me reiterate that creating this shortlist was extremely difficult due to the vast amount of invaluable work being carried out by nominees.

“The UK has truly embraced the spirit of The National Diversity Awards by uniting through adversity to create a host of incredible initiatives. The profound impact made by all our nominees is astonishing, and I feel personally encouraged to know that so many lives are being changed for the better due to the many causes being championed by all of you.

“After weeks of deliberating and thousands of heartfelt testimonials later, I am delighted to finally present to you the best of British Diversity.

“Congratulations to all of our shortlisted nominees, it is an honour to recognise your fearlessness, resilience and humanitarian efforts with the rest of the world. Let’s continue the fight for justice, unity and equality for all”.

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