Are Budget Tyres Safe? – All You Need to Know!

There is much made about how your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road and that therefore your entire safety depends on you buying the best – and most expensive, of course – tyres on the market.

Photo taken by ProjectManhattan and used under Creative Commons

This scheme is an excellent form of marketing, but it is not completely true!

Legal Matters

Apart from anything else, any manufacturer found to be selling a product that is not fit for purpose would very quickly be shut down by the Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards, or the Consumer Council – by them directly, or through pressure brought to bear on the industry authority to do so on their behalf! This means that even the cheapest budget tyres have to meet certain standards and be safe enough for moderate driving on decent quality roads.

Brand Name

Often the ‘best’ premium tyres are most bearing the brand name of tyres and automotive parts instantly recognisable in the motoring world as being excellent and desirable products. But, just like with designer T-shirts, buying tyres only for the brand name can mean that you get a good enough tyre for far higher a price than you should be paying!

Someone Has to Pay for R&D

Research and development is continually improving our experiences in all walks of life, not just on the road, and it is usually the big motoring names who are performing the experiments, trying out new raw materials and inventing new products or innovating old ones. This, as might be expected, costs money. Premium brand tyres will benefit from today’s innovations – for a price. But, budget tyres get the same advantages after a while, which means that while budget tyres are fairly up-to-date, while still being a bargain price.

So… Who Shouldn’t Buy Budget Tyres?

For the most part, you can buy and use budget tyres with perfect safety as long as you are sensible. However, there are some occasions when a premium or better-quality tyre is called for. These include people who drive very long distances each year, on rough roads or off-road, those who drive particularly fast or who are heavy on their gears, or in conditions that frequently mean driving on a frozen or wet surface. In all of these events, you would be better off buying premium tyres. Browse tyres online to see the various options available and help you decide which is best for you or if you’re looking for a trusted local garage to buy budget tyres in Kent.

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