When it comes to treatments, find someone who understands you

Celebrate:MK health and wellbeing columnist Gail Emms explains how important research is, if you’re thinking about aesthetic treatments…

My motto has always been about “being the best me” and that includes personal, work, family, social, health, fitness and wellbeing.

As a 43-year-old, it takes a bit more work than it used to keeping in shape, diet and keeping my energy levels up.

I’m also aware of beauty products and treatments that promise to deliver amazing results for a lot of money.

It’s been on my mind for a while… but to be honest I have been scared and worried about the stigma of having something done.

I feel confident about my body and how I look, but then sport has given me that platform to be able to express myself and feel confident about myself as a person.

I am also not immune to the constant images that are on social media that it is inevitable to compare ourselves to others, but these platforms also show the many available beauty options out there that can help us feel that little bit better when we need it.

To have an anti-aging treatment is to me, a vulnerable experience and I wanted to make sure I had the best and get to know the practitioner well who understood this, know what I like, what I don’t want, and someone I could trust.

Nicole O’Grady is the founder of the Brooklands-based Olivia Cole Cosmetics and instantly I knew she would be perfect to help me.

She listened to my concerns, answered all my questions and I felt reassured instantly. I have had the Sunekos treatment and the comments from people have been lovely.

My skin feels smoother, hydrated, and I do look a bit younger (whoop!) and I am looking forward to working with Nicole more in the future!

If you are considering boosting your confidence with aesthetic treatments, please do your research and find someone who understands you and will be honest.

It is important to remember that 99% of your confidence comes from within.

To book a consultation visit www.oliviacolecosmetics.co.uk. Code: GAIL21 for discount

This feature was published in the June and July 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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