Gail Emms Column: ‘Be proactive with your health by booking a health check’

Celebrate:MK health and wellbeing columnist Gail Emms explains how you can find out how healthy you are with the help of Soza Health.

There has never been more of an emphasis on health and wellbeing as there has been over the last 12 months.

Physical and mental health has been in the news 24/7 as many find themselves in very different situations due to the lockdowns.

In the first, it became the norm for people to show their 5Km times on social media and Joe Wicks was on the TV every single day… but as the year went on, the focus also went to mental health as many were struggling from the ‘new normal’ that the UK was living in.

So how healthy are you? Do you actually know?

We go to a doctor when something is wrong – a reactive response, but what about being PROACTIVE with your health?

Are you doing everything you can to prevent your physical and mental health reaching a stage where you need to seek medical advice?

I have teamed up with Soza Health ( to encourage more people to do the following:

  1. Get a health check

Soza Health offer 45-minute tests for respiratory /cardiovascular/digestive/immune/stress management/blood sugar etc and you get a full report after advising on nutrition, vitamins and exercise for improvements.

2. Get the workplace involved

As people are slowly getting back into the offices, make health and wellbeing a priority as you will all benefit. Think of ideas to include everyone including charity walks, lunchtime meditation sessions or mental health workshops.

3. Be in charge of your wellbeing

You have 1 body so look after it! Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to want to be in the best health possible.

4. Make changes

Understand that you have the choice to do something about it and need support doing so.

As someone who has recently had a health check and was surprised by the results, I cannot recommend highly enough about making 2021 the year to make your health and wellbeing at the TOP of your list.

Soza Health checks are available to book in at Contact for business bookings.

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