‘Creating Change Makers with the Swanbourne Spirit’

Swanbourne House is an independent day and boarding prep school, set in 55 acres of Bucks countryside just 20 minutes from Central MK. Here, the school’s Head Jane Thorpe – who is a former Barrister and Judge – introduces us to the ‘Swanbourne Spirit’ in a special guest column…

Swanbourne House School’s merger with two other independent schools opens up a host of new facilities to Swanbourne students.

We talk a lot about the Swanbourne Spirit, and it’s quite a difficult thing to define, but an easy thing to see and feel.

A broad range of individuals with different passions, interests and characters come to Swanbourne, but we see the Swanbourne Spirit coursing through them all in different ways during their life at the school.

The Swanbourne Spirit is about courage, trying new things with energy and not being afraid to fail. Being kind and considerate, with a strength and ambition to rise to challenge and to succeed.

It’s about the resilience to pick yourself up, adapt and go again, being a team player and a leader when needed.

Being an independent worker, thinking creatively to solve problems and being honest with yourself in reflecting on the job you’ve done.

It’s about a passion and excitement for learning and adventure. At Swanbourne, we’ve recently introduced the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) as our Years 7 & 8 assessment framework.

The PSB helps us support the children to identify and develop the many skills and character traits needed for the 21st Century – character traits we believe make up the Swanbourne Spirit.

Academic rigour remains at the heart of learning but the focus of the journey is not preparing children to pass outdated tests and exams; it’s about arming them with relevant and broad subject knowledge and the skills required to apply and extend their learning both at and beyond school.

The PSB allows children to learn and be assessed in different ways – how do they perform in leadership roles? Are they able to collaborate effectively as part of a team? Do they show resilience in the face of adversity and put forward creative solutions to overcome problems?

We see the PSB send children on their journey with a self-esteem boost, hungry and inspired to go out and meet the world, confident in their abilities and fortitude having developed their own individual Swanbourne Spirit.

We are extremely proud of our pupils and receive excellent feedback from their Senior Schools.

Swanbourne House Virtual Open Morning on Friday 23rd April. Visit Swanbourne.org to book your place

This feature was published in the April and May 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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