Beauty with Nilam Column: Time to reboot and make up for lost time

World-renowned beauty and skin expert Nilam Holmes talks about discovering new ‘big gun’ treatments like Morpheus8 and more…

*Treatment carried out by Dr Judy Todd

Hi, I’m Nilam Holmes, beauty expert to the stars and owner of renowned Dermaspa clinic and cosmetic brand EyebrowQueen.

Well, this time last year we were ready to go into our first lockdown and my clinic Dermaspa has been closed for around nine months.

During that time, I’ve been busy studying, filming and working virtually.

I have personally found this third lockdown really draining mentally and emotionally but I am staying positive and feel like we are coming to the end at last.

Even though I have an established clinic, the business has been hit really hard. Thankfully, my team and clients are all well and safe, but we have had to change and downsize the business to survive without income for nine months, over the last year.

It has been very sad to see so many local businesses and colleagues closing down and we are lucky to be hanging in there.

I have been able to keep busy working virtually and I have been filming another series of 10 Years Younger.

The first series was filmed in lockdown, so it’s lots of tips and tricks to look and feel more youthful, and the next series will go back to actual makeovers.

It’s such a great uplifting show to be involved with. So beauty wise, you all know I love high tech medi-beauty and I have had a bit more time to discover some fantastic new treatments and skills.

I know my clients have missed treatments for a year, so I have found some new ‘big guns’ to use, to reboot and make up for the lost time and ageing effects of lockdown.

In September, I did a treatment called Morpheus8 on Amanda Holden who recently turned 50!

I have been working with Amanda since 2013 and I can honestly say she looks better than ever.

Recently, Judy Murray shared her experience from the same treatment and her results are incredible.

I’m not going to lie though, the treatment is a little painful and on the pricey side, although everyone who has had it, has said it was worth it.

Treatments start at £750 and prices vary between areas, clinics and practitioners.

For more, visit and follow Nilam’s updates on Instagram @nilamholmes

This feature was published in the April and May 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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