Fratelli’s Bar and Restaurant brings a unique Mediterranean dining experience to Fenny Stratford

Fenny Stratford High Street has received a new lease of life in recent years as classy independent restaurants have moved into town. Fratelli’s Bar & Restaurant is the newest addition to the area and has been earning rave reviews since opening for takeaways during the pandemic, so Jon Boyle went along to check it out…

My Italian language skills are about as good as my ability to diet – non existent – but I do at least know that
Fratelli’s means ‘brothers’.

And how fitting this name is for the new jewel in the heart of Fenny Stratford High Street, as best friends Gian Bimb and Jack Behjet (pictured right) – have come together to bring Milton Keynes a unique Mediterranean food experience.

“We are brothers from other mothers, bonded over a love of great food,” explained the friendly and exuberant Gian, who I met for the first time as I went in to collect my takeaway.

He was right about the great food too – I actually haven’t ever had a takeaway quite like it. The food was like a delicious gourmet blend of Italian, Turkish and American cuisine.

It weirdly felt posh but devilish at the same time as I tucked into my tasty minted lamb burger, which contained feta cheese, mozzarella, caramelised onions, tomato & spinach salad, garlic & coriander mayonnaise and chilli & tomato jam.

But the high quality of the food came as no surprise to me as co-owner and head chef Jack has been one of the best chefs in Milton Keynes for the last six or seven years.

I’ve known him since his days working at The Hub and he’s one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet too.

Another well-known local face at Fratelli’s – which should not be confused with the Fratelli restaurants in Woburn and Ampthill as they are not connected – is Milton Keynes bar royalty Alan Ayres.

MK doesn’t have many celebrity bartenders but Alan is certainly one of them, and he described his current role as “Daddy” of the restaurant until he takes up his natural role of shaking cocktails, pulling pints of Peroni and telling bad jokes behind the bar after lockdown.

Other items I enjoyed as part of my takeaway were the Fratelli’s fries, chicken tenders and the BBQ beef short rib croquette, followed by white chocolate & Nutella arancini for dessert.

My takeaway was stunning but dining in will be even better after lockdown as the venue looks so cool inside and has a lovely cosy vibe to it.

I actually can’t wait to go for a meal there, followed by a few drinks afterwards at Pink Punters just down the road.

The new-look Fenny Stratford is going to be a great night out from June 21st!

Fratelli’s is located at 35a Aylesbury Street, Fenny Stratford. Call Fratelli’s on 01908 941654 to order a takeaway or visit

This feature was published in the April and May 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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