Brand Mission Column: Revamp your marketing approach to weather the end of the Covid storm

Revamp your marketing approach to weather the end of the Covid storm.

As we edge towards a more ‘normal’ life, it’s the ideal time for businesses to review their marketing – which is likely to be very scaled back right now.

Making plans to recover revenue rapidly is a top priority and the right marketing will help give organisations the best possible chance of a strong return.

Companies will need to redefine their marketing approach and audience profiles. Previous frameworks might not work for the current climate and consideration for targeting a new customer could be in order.

Creating a long-term strategy might not be the best approach during these bumpy months.

Instead, we recommend spending some time to understand where your business now sits within the market position and identifying your three most effective communications channels.

Where the budget is tight, having this knowledge will help to make informed choices – which is going to be key to meet the urgent needs of the business.

Where to start?

Strip back to basics and think about the core of your business. What does your business offer and who are your customers (past and present).

Understand the why – why do they choose you. What is your USP?

Once you’ve identified what makes you stand out as a business, analyse where your main enquiries and conversions come from.

This could be from your website, social media, walkins, email marketing – or a combination.

You’ll then know which communication channels to focus your marketing efforts.

As the country slowly repairs, we recommend layering marketing rathe than going full-throttle to let campaigns unfold – allowing you to be reactive to daily insights and turn up budget for the areas which are bringing business in.

Our top recommendations to consider investing in now to fine-tune your brand voice:
• Producing quality authentic content to highlight your USP
• Public relations
• Social media advertising to generate trackable leads
• Email marketing

Weather the end of the Covid storm with strong marketing.

If you feel too close to the daily operation of your business and need a review from a fresh perspective, get in touch with us.

We use insights to form an effective marketing plan to help businesses achieve the best ROI and reach.

Reap the benefits of outsourcing your Marketing and PR. Contact Brand Mission at or visit for more information.

This feature was published in the February and March 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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