Quinton Milise Column: The Rebirth of You

Quinton (Mr Milise) shares excerpts from his motivational poem ‘The Rebirth of You’, which empathises with the challenges that we all faced in 2020 and invites the reader to celebrate overcoming adversity…

When you hear this, I want it to be the beginning of your healing process.

If life has dragged you to the darkest of places and you’re feeling hopeless.

If it seems like negative energy is constantly poisoning your progress.

If there’s a pain in your chest!

If reality slowly but relentlessly draws a map on your face.

If it feels like the world is whizzing by and you can’t keep up with the pace.

Just lately, I think I know where you are.

I think you’re lost sometimes like we all are.

And you’re walking with a heavy heart.

I think you were born with courage from the very start.

But the past has been harsh. I think this isn’t the first time you’ve fallen apart.

And put yourself together again only to be broken in half!

Asking yourself in the morning… how long can this last!

With your head in your palms. But look up!

Tell yourself that you deserve another chance.

Remember it was you who dusted yourself off, all of the other times.

When everything you built felt like it was burning down. But you called it a forest fire.

Because you built it all back from scratch at a time when your life was more than volatile.

With only yourself to rely on. When it seemed like all of your friends were standing on the shoulders of Giants!

Whilst you’re stood in the cold and it’s quiet.

Trying to survive until the stars are aligned.

But you’re ready to shine at THIS moment in time.

So why wait for the stars, if you can see the sunrise.

A wise man told me THIS and I share it with everyone.

You don’t have to SEE anyone who don’t SEE that you could be anyone.

So delete negativity and you will prevail.

Leave behind those who took the wind from your sail.

Find your purpose and surround your tomorrows with the ones who never left you to drown in your sorrows.

Be in sync with your instincts and ALL will be fine.

It’s about time you realised that you can re-align.

Nobody ever said you won’t fall on hard times. But hero’s are born when they are forged from cast iron.

When we look at the SUN we know it’s MORE than just a fireball.

So telling yourself YOU’RE MORE, is more than justifiable.

There’s no time to look back, I know it hurts when you do.

What a day to celebrate, IT’S THE REBIRTH OF YOU!

The full poem is out now on Spotify. Follow Quinton on Twitter @QuintonMilise & Instagram @whoismrmilise. Follow Mr Milise on Spotify.

This feature was published in the February and March 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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