Why Do People Opt for Alloy Wheels?

If you are one of the many people who like to watch their pennies – and let us be honest, that is most of us these days! – you may wonder why people ever opt for alloy wheels due to their expense.

The answer is that the price at the purchase point should not be the only consideration you take of the matter! Let us look at the many advantages of alloy wheels and see if that price difference is as vast and incomprehensible as it seems!


Alloy wheels look wonderful! They can come in a range of shades from bright primary colours to more unique hues, including unusual ones like metallic pastels, and the wheels themselves can be moulded and shaped into all sorts of delicate swirling and decorative patterns.

Multiple Savings

Once you have paid for your steel wheels, you will almost immediately begin to pay out even more money, in a multitude of small (and big) ways! Alloy wheels avoid many of these after-sales costs, mainly due to the extreme lightness of the wheels compared to steel.

Small moving parts in vehicles are constantly in contact with each other and this causes wear and tear, and with heavy steel wheels fitted, can ultimately result in the need to purchase replacements on a semi-regular basis, each instance relatively low-cost, but adding up over time into a significant amount. With alloy wheels on your vehicle, these costs are few and far between, marking a modest saving.

Fuel is a major cost to any car-owner. It makes sense that moving a lighter car requires less fuel than a heavier one, and learning that it is estimated that you will save between ten and twenty percent of your fuel bill by switching to alloy wheels could change your mind about the supposed expense of alloy wheels! Calculated over the lifetime of your wheels, which could be ten years, or even the car’s entire lifetime, this can represent a considerable saving!

Your tyres tend to last longer with alloy wheels, again due to the lighter weight. Steel wheels press down directly onto the tyres (rather than being absorbed and distributed by the suspension system) and this can cause premature wearing and exacerbate minor flaws into major issues.

Thus you can see there are many advantages to choosing alloy wheels – and one of them can actually be that you will save money in the long run! It is just because it is a ‘hidden’ saving, representing regular small amounts of money not spent, that many people make the mistake of thinking alloy wheels are uneconomical. If this has got you thinking to purchase alloys for your ride, then our recommendation would be to buy MAK Alloy Wheels in Rainham from Elite Direct at competitive prices. You can call them at 01708 525577 for more information.

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