Murphy Runs Column: Your 2021 running challenge

Murphy Runs talks about her Winter Half Marathon and sets you a challenge.

Happy New Year, fellow runners!

Despite a lack of the usual festive Parkruns, I hope you were able to sneak in a few miles over the Christmas period inbetween trips to the Quality Street tin.

For me, the highlight of the run up to Christmas was the Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon!

It was a Covid-19 secure race and the first largerace I have done since the restrictions came in.

I was very impressed with the organisation and I felt very safe. The race was over two days and if you
participated, you’ll know that the Sunday runners got the short straw and it’s safe to say it was the wettest race I’ve ever done.

I was drenched head-to-toe. It didn’t just rain – it poured. Although I will say that secretly, running in the rain makes me feel hard-core!

Nevertheless, I completed the race in 1:54 hours with a smile on my face and a big dose of the ‘runners high’.

That being said, the race already seems a thing of the past, with no upcoming races in my
diary until May.

So, here’s a challenge to keep you on your toes over the next few weeks.

My 2021 challenge to you Head outside tomorrow and see how far you can run in 20:21 minutes – as a nod
to hopefully a happy and more ‘normal’ 2021.

I’ll be heading out this weekend to attempt mine and I will probably hit just under 5km. You can try this again every so often to see how far you’ve come or perhaps in the summer and then again in the winter.

Running is the one thing that has stayed a constant during the last year. Shops and gyms may unfortunately be closed, but running is still very much open!

So for me, this year I will continue to try and run further and faster and look forward to the day that I see you at Parkrun!

Follow Anastasia’s running adventures on Instagram @MurphyRuns

This feature was published in the February and March 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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