Brand Mission Column: Give time to help Supershoes’ mission to empower children fighting cancer

Heather Murphy, owner of Brand Mission, talks about shoes that are created with kindness and laced with hope.

Most businesses have been disrupted and contingency plans shattered – and sadly, Brand Mission hasn’t escaped this.

The impact of the pandemic has been damaging for the industries we work with, consequently, impacting the work we do.

In the 5-years of owning Brand Mission, time isn’t something I have ever had but now, faced with a few months knowing all business decisions are out of my control, I’ve decided to turn my attention to doing something positive…

By a chance dog walk, I met the wonderful founder of Supershoes – which uses shoes and art to empower children fighting cancer.

Learning more about the charity, I shifted my ‘work mindset’ and had an urge to help by volunteering my skillset and time.

Like me, there will be many who specialise in specific areas and are currently not working at full capacity.

If you have time and the skillset, offering a few hours each week to help Supershoes could help to stay
mentally stimulated as well as doing some good.

Supershoes, a volunteerled charity, have lifted the spirits of over 4,052 children fighting cancer by gifting them a pair of shoes designed specifically for them – containing all the things they love.

Laced with hope, handpainted with colour and individuality, each pair of shoes provide a reminder to the receiving child of who they are, despite having to battle with illness.

Often said to help younger children feel they have super-powers when wearing them, Supershoes encourage
mobility and improve wellbeing.

The team are the people who make the difference and you can be part of it!

Achieve a greater sense of purpose and personal growth by giving a little of your time to volunteer for Supershoes.

Could this be the best time to offer your expertise?

Supershoes are looking for the following:

A Project Manager to get a colouring book project off the ground! Designed to help children and young people forget the challenges they face.

A Fundraiser who has experience of grant applications, corporate fundraising or legacy giving.

A Graphic Designer who can develop a new super fun Supershoes fundraising pack.

Office Volunteers (starting 2021) who want to help make a difference (make it one of your New Year’s resolutions).

If you’re a business and want to be part of the Supershoes mission, you can become a Super Sponsor and
demonstrate your CSR.

Find out more by emailing Heather or Sarah

This feature was published in the December 2020 + January 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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