Murphy Runs Column: Two top tips to bag a PB

Murphy Runs reveals a running positive that came out of lockdown 2.0.

On the first day of Lockdown 2.0, I achieved a 10k personal best (PB).

After months of knowing I had it in me, but failing several times, I ran my first sub-50 minute 10k – coming in at 49:31 minutes.

I did two laps around Willen Lake – nice and flat with plenty of space to dodge people.

No matter the distance, we’ve all got that time goal in mind that we know we can achieve if the stars align, so here are two pieces of advice if you’re trying to bag a new PB…

Trust your gut feeling

On the day of my PB, I woke up one morning full of positivity, energy and self-belief.

Those three elements are essential when taking on a challenge, as you must genuinely believe you can
do it.

I knew on this day, I had to make the most of my mood. Know roughly when you want to attempt the run so
you can train appropriately but listen to your gut and go when feels right.

Set a strategy with a specific time goal

Without a strategy, you’ll run as fast as you can and then potentially burn out and miss your target.

I knew I wanted 49:59 minutes – coming in much faster was not my priority.

I set a strategy and planned the pace for each mile so that I only had to focus on the mile I was in, ensuring I did not run any faster and risk burning out.

For example, I started off running slower than goal pace to ensure I could ease in slowly, but I had planned what pace I needed for the second half to reach the overall goal time.

Focus on the goal and don’t get carried away, then go for it right at the end if you’ve got loads left in the tank.

So go on – get out here and finish 2020 with a big PB!

If you need winter running motivation, head over to where I have been sharing weekly running diaries.

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This feature was published in the December 2020 + January 2021 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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