Ginger Mum Column: Your friendly gift guide for Xmas

Our resident lifestyle blogger Amanda, aka Ginger Mum, talks about a new book from Sir Captain Tom and a lightweight tracker for your dog…

Well it is already gifting season, and I think we can all agree that priorities have shifted somewhat this year!

I know that my Christmas list will look very different this year.

So much more concise, I’ve had a cull -who did you stay close to during 2020? Who did you never hear from? Do you only exchange gifts with certain people through guilt? Do you over buy in case it doesn’t quite look like enough?

All that is done for me. Life is too short.

That said, I look forward to curating a lot of lovely thoughtful gifts for the special people in my life.

I thought I’d share with you some of the items I’ve earmarked so far, in my little MK friendly gift guide.

First up is a home grown classic for the younger kids which should resonate with all ages.

Captain Tom, our local hero for 2020, has a book out. A beautifully illustrated homage to his many travels and life experiences.

This captures the essence of Sir Captain Tom and my youngest, who really isn’t that into reading books at the moment, was immediately taken with this one.

Called One Hundred Steps and published by Penguin, it’s available at all good bookstores.

Moving on to girls (and boys perhaps?) of all ages, I feel that Lush in centre:mk is a must do destination.

Show me someone who doesn’t love a rainbow emerging gracefully in their bath? Or a sumptuous and sustainably packaged glitter shower gel?

Thought so! The staff in there are super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about each and every product, which helps immensely when choosing what to buy.

Body beautiful wise for the grown-ups, a brand I love is Lola’s Apothecary. High end hotel luxury at home from a family labour of love, this is spa, wellness and nature combined into one holistic vegan range.

One for the pets… this one is designed and produced by a Cambridge company and is a fantastic invention for dog owners everywhere!

We can track our own sleep patterns, exercise and needs – why not the same for our pet?

A lightweight tracker from PitPat which monitors all of this info, giving us a greater insight into the mind of man’s best friend.

I hope my suggestions are of help to you, happy shopping and see you next month!

Don’t forget you can follow my daily musings on my Instagram stories over @gingermumstyle

This feature was published in the November 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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