Dad’s the Word Column: Seriously smiley siblings

Milton Keynes blogger and married dad-of-two, Gareth Ellis, is discovering how different two children can be…

Having two children is amazing. I love watching their personalities develop daily and seeing what new things they’re learning.

However, despite the fact it’s such an obvious thing to say, I can’t get over how different they are.

Now I know what you’re thinking, everyone is different, and of course that’s true, but Rupert and Emilia are so different – yet they’re still besotted with each other.

For starters, Rupert was a very serious baby, don’t get me wrong he’s a happy little boy, but sometimes you really must work for it.

Emilia on the other hand. One look at her and she’s beaming away, smiling and (almost) giggling too.

This was evident when we went for a family photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. With Rupert we had to pull out the full repertoire of funny sayings, tickling and jumping up and down like crazy people behind him.

With Emi the photographer, myself or Jess just looked at her and said her name. I don’t know what other
parents of two or more children have found but, I thought that the same things would work to either settle or amuse them.

With some things that’s true. There’s a certain way that I held Rupert then and hold Emi now after a feed that is perfect for burping.

But you try and settle Emi the way you settled Rupert and she’ll soon let you know that’s not right.

I can already see that she’ll be the one that will lead Rupert astray, making him jump off the sofa when he doesn’t really want to, or climbing a tree.

He’ll be the cautious one telling her to get down in case they get in trouble. Rupert was very much a ‘I
will fall asleep in the correct places and never somewhere strange’ kind of baby (although he did once fall asleep in a jumparoo).

Whereas Emi I think will be the one that we’ll find curled up behind the sofa asleep, or under the table.

I think it’s all the smiling, it’s enough to tire anyone out.

Gareth writes a regular blog at and you can follow him on Instagram @dads_the_word_blog

This feature was published in the November 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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