Reel Reviewer Column: Enjoy cinema while it’s still around

Jason Day previews the latest movie releases, despite Covid causing disruptions to the industry…

Coronavirus continues to cast a pestilential shadow over cinema.

Movies, scheduled for release months ago, have trickled out in the vain hope of audiences. But the public, confused or confounded by shifting restrictions on its social behaviour, have only dipped their toes into the pleasures of the picture palace.

With the release of the latest Bond shelved for a stronger 2021 turnout and the announcement Cineworld
might then go belly-up, these are dark times, people.

Enjoy cinema while it lasts. 2020 may sound its death knell.

Crash (November 6)

Symphorophiliacs are people you don’t often see in movies, but here is a whole load of ‘em.

James Spader stars as a film producer who gets involved with a group who are sexually aroused by car crashes in director David Cronenberg’s controversial, erotic 1996 drama.

Supernova (November 20)

Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth star in this deeply moving – just from the trailer, I welled up with tears – drama as a gay couple facing up to Tucci having dementia. They are determined that he should be remembered for his past self and not his present condition.

Freaky (November 27)

“You’re black. I’m gay. We are so dead!” After swapping bodies with a serial killer, a young, unpopular girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent. A fabulously saucy bodyswap comedy.

Soul (November 27)

Disney animated feature about a high school music teacher (voiced by Jamie Foxx) who finally gets a chance at the big time after impressing jazz musicians during an opening act at a club.

Total Recall (November 27)

30th anniversary reshowing for this classic blockbuster that – amazingly – seamlessly combines in its narrative implanted memories, mutants, the nature of reality and prehistoric alien colonies on Mars.

It’s an experience worth reliving on the big screen. See my review for more:

At the MK Gallery… Idiot Prayer – Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace (November 7)

Recorded as the UK emerged from lockdown as a reaction to confinement and isolation, this is a souvenir from a strange and precarious moment in history.

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This feature was published in the November 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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