Cool Events Column: My fab 5 ‘holiday’ eateries

Local journalist, presenter, and MK native Sam Carmichael picks her five favourite eats that will make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Rather than focusing on events that may not go ahead, I thought I’d bring you my top five eats in MK that will almost make you feel like you’re away on holiday.

Although I may be partial to a certain South African chicken restaurant, this will focus on independent eats because they need our help more than ever.


When I discovered Japanese restaurant Akasaka I hit the jackpot. They pride themselves in being fully authentic and boast award-winning chefs.

Think sushi, noodles, mochi, sake – all of the tasty stuff. The restaurant in Wolverton is tiny, almost like someone’s living room, which makes for an intimate dining experience.

My favourite is the CMK site which is decorated beautifully and has a partly open kitchen so you can be nosey while the food is being prepared. You could be in Japan.

Blossom Room

Another Japanese themed restaurant/bar is the Blossom Room at The Hub. It’s had over half a million
pounds worth of work done to it so trust me when I say it’s worth a visit!

Fancy cocktails, a flower ceiling, and stunning murals. This is the place to be for a pre-curfew date night.

Bogota Coffee Co

Bogota at The Hub is a coffee shop that does really good coffee and cake.

Their speciality coffee is imported from Colombia and it’s nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. The décor is incredibly rustic and makes you feel that you’re in an edgy part of London.

It’s a great place to visit for a drink if you’re needing a caffeine hit. Oh, and try the chocolate tiffin!

Fry Guys MK

This food stall is a hidden gem at Queen’s Court in the centre:mk. The loaded fries will catapult you to America thanks to the movie-themes, like Hans Grueber and Uncle Rico, so why not grab some and have a film night?

Murati’s Pizzeria

If only we could be sipping on negroni’s and munching on pizza in Italy. The next best thing is visiting a traditional Italian eatery in MK!

One of my favourites is Murati’s which started as a small restaurant next to a car wash in Wolverton. They have since expanded to a large site in Newport Pagnell and another in Olney.

They offer a metre-long pizza which is perfect for family nights… or to have by yourself. I would.

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This feature was published in the November 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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