Brand Mission Column: The difference between Marketing & PR

Heather Murphy, owner of Brand Mission talks about the differences and why it’s important to do Marketing and PR.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is, ‘what is the difference between marketing and PR?’

As the industry has evolved, there is now a blurred line between some activities and – while there’s a lot of synergy between marketing and PR – there remains a clear difference: Marketing sells and PR manages reputation.

Generally speaking, marketing covers promotional activity including email marketing, digital communication and campaign advertising – across multiple media platforms.

PR manages the reputation of the company by generating positive news stories in relevant publications – both online and in print – and by working with influencers for social media and blog exposure.

Most marketing activity, where a company gains exposure from platforms outside of the organisation, uses paid for advertising, whereas PR coverage is published for free.

What is Advertising?

You’re guaranteed space in a publication or on an online platform and are in control of what gets published.

Adverts can be costly and need repetition, however the benefits include: creating awareness; managing the content and design; and being able to directly promote the key message.

What is PR?

You pitch news-worthy stories and interesting, memorable articles which enhance a company’s reputation.

While there’s no guarantee of inclusion, coverage gained through PR has greater credibility as the publication is a trusted source of factually correct information – plus, readers typically have a longer attention span for editorial content.

Why do both?

Marketing activity tends to be sales-orientated – which is relatively short-term – whereas PR focuses on
maintaining or growing a positive reputation by creating and implementing an effective PR strategy.

PR is a longer-term investment as the company will continue to reap benefits for activities in the future and will continue to be recognised for its engaging, news-worthy achievements. And PR content stays online longer.

Marketing and PR work together for greater combined success. As a full-service communications agency, our team of experts develop consumer campaigns to cover both marketing and news media platforms.

If you need help with your business recovery strategy, get in touch with Heather at Brand Mission by emailing

This feature was published in the September 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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