New platform launches to support businesses in Milton Keynes

New collaborative platform launches to support businesses in post-lockdown environment.

The 2020 pandemic has been catastrophic for businesses, with many now contemplating uncertain futures.

But two business entrepreneurs used their own enforced ‘down time’ to get busy, and have launched a new collaborative platform to help other businesses successfully navigate through these exceptional times.

Victoria Beale and Daryl Woodhouse’s paths originally crossed almost a decade ago.

London-based Daryl was setting up his company Advantage Business Partnerships and invited Victoria, from Milton Keynes, to join him as an associate.

But her time was being utilised overseeing the successful Business Live lunches and the first Business Expo 3.0 in the new town.

“The project was perfect, but the timing was wrong,” Victoria said, “We couldn’t make it work then, but I’ve always been keen to reconnect and knew that together we could deliver a strong, vibrant partnership.”

Fast-forward to lockdown 2020 and Victoria, who has created and promoted more than 3000 corporate and property events, and multi-award winning business growth strategist Daryl seized the opportunity to make a difference.

They worked hard to bring a new company to fruition and Bright Stars Group Ltd (BSG) is the result.

BSG brings together Daryl’s extensive business growth expertise with Victoria’s lead generation and events knowledge. Their new union has provoked an enthusiastic response.

“Even the best need a helping hand to be the best and to stay there, which is where the BSG ecosystem comes in to set leaders and their teams up for accelerated, sustainable success,” Daryl said.

“With the new recession, leaders need more help than ever before to overcome the challenges. We are humbled by the interest from other leaders keen to get involved in our new BSG ecosystem, and they are working closely with us to provide exceptionally high value to our clients.”

He added: “Our trusted suppliers have been selected from our respective networks to include private investors, brokers and trusted suppliers spanning everything from accountants to social media experts.”

Victoria said: “We see Bright Stars Group as a virtual resourcing hub and growth accelerator – a conduit between investors, quality suppliers and ambitious businesses. We will support and accelerate their aspirations with strong core values, mutual collaboration and the support of our expert team.”

Businesses interested in learning more about the Bright Stars Group Ltd mission are invited to join Victoria, Daryl and their BSG partners for a networking event at the Enfes Restaurant at Stadium Way on November 19 (midday- 2pm).

Tickets are £60 which includes a four course Turkish meal and prosecco, and refreshments.

To book your place visit

Alternatively, you are invited for virtual coffee with the BSG founders and to connect with them on LinkedIn to discover regular inspirational content, and monthly virtual growth and business development workshops, with practical tips to help you as leaders to work smarter and live happier:

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