Murphy Runs Column: Love Lodge Lake like Murphy

Murphy Runs has ramped up her training for MK’s Re-imagined Marathon.

As I write this, I have just four weeks to go until the Milton Keynes Re-Imagined Marathon.

The two-lap course starts at Willen Lake, down to Caldecotte and then back up to Willen. All participants will run the same marathon course, but with the freedom to choose their own start date and time, from 6th September.

Whilst I have been training since January in hope of an Autumn marathon, I have recently ramped up my training.

I’ve been clocking up 30-38 miles a week recently, to prepare for the marathon. Hopefully, on 6th September, I will have a sub four-hour marathon to my name and a new piece of bling.

So far, my training has gone smoothly but it’s been quite a challenge trying to keep the pace up, during the glorious weather we’ve had in MK, particularly at the start of August.

Hopefully the Marathon day will be cool, with some overcast and a spot of rain. I don’t ask for much!

My training consists of five runs per week. Typically, this includes an interval session, a tempo session where I pick the pace up a little, some easier runs including a chilled Saturday 5km and then a long-run on Sundays.

My long runs are typically 12-20 miles, and these are where I really get to explore the beauty and hidden gems around MK and wave to all you other crazy runners sacrificing their weekend lie-in.

I particularly love Lodge Lake early in the morning – the sunrise over the still water is so peaceful.

From there, I will typically head south to Furzton Lake via Teardrops Lake. It’s like lake bingo!

One particular hidden gem is Oakhill Woods – run far enough and you’ll come out onto miles of fields and trails to explore.

Take a look if you want to mix up your training and feel a million miles away from the city!

Next time we catch up, I’d have completed the marathon. Wish me luck and do chuck me a jelly baby if you see me out on the course!

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This feature was published in the September 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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