Brand Mission Column: To stick or twist – what does your marketing repair strategy look like?

Heather Murphy, owner of Brand Mission, talks about how now is the time to review and potentially change your marketing strategy.

In these times of economic turbulence, companies are in full survival mode. With many organisations having
adapted their consumer offering throughout lockdown, reverting back into old ways might not be as simple – or successful.

So, now is the time for brands to go back to the drawing board and review whether to stick to their original marketing strategy, or shake things up with shorter term tactics to generate income as quickly as possible.

Given that in a recent survey, 86% of business professionals predict their marketing goals will be harder
to achieve, it could be time to twist!

For many, budgets will have shrunk and therefore marketing spend should be carefully considered and allocated to the right platform.

It’s better to spend more in one or two areas and do it well, rather than spreading your budget too thinly across every touch point.

The first thing to understand is what your most powerful marketing tools are by measuring where you get
leads from.

In order to determine which channel is right for your business, we recommend reviewing the past month,
three months and then take a period in time pre-Covid to get a true representation of your business’s online market.

It’s also good practice to delve into user behaviour to gain a clearer understanding of who your marketing efforts should be targeted towards.

Reviewing your audience allows you to align your content. There’s no point spending hours producing brilliant content if it’s way out of touch with those viewing it.

Consider simplifying your processes with efficient and free tools available and monitor your online activity by analysing real-time results as this will help you to pivot your focus if required midcampaign.

Crafting the right strategy and anticipating potential roadblocks in the coming months with the constantly shifting parameters is important right now.

It’s not just about survival, it’s about thoughtfully rebuilding whilst retaining your brand voice and offering your customers what they love about your company.

How you act now can shape the future.

If you need help with your business recovery strategy, get in touch with Heather at Brand Mission by emailing

This feature was published in the August 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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