Food Scene Column: A Sizzling collab for Chris

Hazel Roberts catches up with the owner of Sizzlers Burgers to hear how robots deliver his street food in Newport Pagnell.

There are lots of reasons why I love living in Milton Keynes, but one that I have been particularly grateful for recently is the Starship delivery service.

What better solution to contactless shopping can you imagine than a troop of cute little delivery robots
navigating their way across the estates of Milton Keynes?

But it’s not only shopping they can deliver – they can deliver takeaway food too, hot to your door. Which local takeaways you can order from depends on where in Milton Keynes you are, but it is pleasing to see
some of the local street food vendors getting in on the act.

I caught up with Chris from Sizzlers Burgers to find out more about his recent collaboration with the
delivery robots.

As one of the organisers of the Newport Pagnell Food Truck Friday and with an absolute passion for creating the best possible burgers, he admits that he found lockdown a struggle, particularly the boredom.

But in May he started offering a brunch delivery service – hot bacon rolls delivered by person to your
door – and in June, Starship asked him if we wanted to be the first takeaway service for them in the Newport Pagnell area.

If nothing else he figured this would increase his order capacity, with the robots doing the bulk of the most local deliveries. He was pleased by how simple the system works for both him and his customers.

Starship provided him with everything he needed to get started and the robots are there, ready and waiting for him to load the orders, hot from the grill.

It is easy for the customers too, they just need to use the simple app to place their order and within 45 minutes (depending on how far away they are), their hot food will arrive outside the door.

He admits it won’t suit all street food vendors, but his friend Jonathan from Bandit Street Food is already using them and he is pleased to be reaching customers in an innovative way, in times that call for creative thinking.

This feature was published in the August 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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