Studio 44 Column: Train from home and see results

MK personal trainer and nutritional advisor Joana Todor Back explains how she can help you reach your goals with her online personal training.

When will gyms reopen? It’s a question on everyone’s lips.

Despite recent government advice, the question still remains to be answered in full as I write this column. We all hope for July to be the month, but who knows how everything will pan out, with training spaces and keeping the safe required social distance.

It is fair to say that these are still challenging times because of coronavirus, everyone is forced to adapt their lifestyle to these new conditions.

This period can certainly feel unsettling, however it can also provide genuine opportunity to refocus on
your health and fitness.

If you cannot go to the gym, no problem, let me bring the gym into your home, with a personalised nutrition and training programme that will be tailored to your own body type!

At Studio 44 Joana Training, all of my personal training programmes are set up to help you adapt your health and fitness to these circumstances and take advantage of professional support and guidance, from the comfort of your home.

Online personal training is bringing you my structured and client-centred approach in the convenience of your home, with body fat assessment and customisable training programmes, according to your body structural balance.

I adapt every aspect of my in-person coaching to online personal training. I will be coaching you to adapt your workouts and nutrition to your home environment, while providing important motivation and adherence strategies to get you measurable results.

I also strongly emphasise nutrition as part of a tailormade health programme for all of my clients.

The approach on nutrition is from both a flexible and lifestyle perspective, meaning I design nutrition plans that give you flexibility of meal selection, accommodate offplan circumstances, emphasise manageability and consistency over the long-term.

I provide you with structured and customised nutrition plans according to your objectives, by assessing your eating habits, nutritional patterns, meal timings, digestive health and food preferences.

This is a door to door service which will give you full access to all of the
services that an in-house personal trainer will give you:
• Body fat analysis using calipers.
• Macronutrients calculated – custom built nutritional plans.
• 60 minutes online oneto-one personal training sessions via Zoom.
• Custom built training plans for your body type.

Call Joana on 07808 030091 or email for price information and more details about this bespoke service.

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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