You Humanity seeks to spread kindness as reaction to tough 2020

The MK-based founder of initiative group You Humanity has shared details of their mission to share stories of kindness around the world in this difficult year.

With so much negativity and upsetting news around, the group took the mission to collect 1000 Stories of Kindness that captures first-hand stories of people who are going above and beyond for others.

You Humanity is doing this in order to appreciate inspiring efforts by people, and to pay respect and gratitude to these wonderful people.

The long term vision is to put the stories into a book for our future generations to access and understand how humanity shaped up during the pandemic.

So far, You Humanity have published 33 stories from across different countries, such as the UK, the USA, Brazil, Kenya, India, Philippines, and many more. You can check the stories on their website at

Sanjana, Founder and CEO of You Humanity, works in the Technology sector full time but has found a passion and purpose in something very unique.

She said, “This experience has taught me so much about peoples’ lives, their thoughts, and their efforts that go on behind the scenes. I believe that such stories must be put out to the world.”

During this phase, the world has also seen many silver linings, and You Humanity wants to ensure that the world evolves for good.

As well as this, they are also working on several campaigns and partnerships across the world to bring changes and impact lives for good.

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