Brand Mission Column: How to help an independent business bounce back

Heather Murphy, owner of Brand Mission, talks about how you can help businesses get back on their feet…

Milton Keynes has the highest start-up rate in the UK outside of London.

Sadly, coronavirus forced many businesses into closure for several months, leaving them bruised and at risk.

Some won’t have made it through the most challenging time we’ve seen, but for the ones who found new ways to survive, they need our support more than ever.

Offering online services and contactless delivery may have allowed some companies to keep their business afloat during the pandemic, but they are suffering huge and longlasting damage to their livelihoods.

As we navigate our way back to some form of normality, businesses are starting a long road to recovery and they need the community to back them in the months to come.

Some of our local small businesses may have been given the green light to open, but it doesn’t mean that
customers will come back at once.

Until you can support with your feet, there are some simple ways you can help support your favourite
• If they remain closed, buy a voucher to redeem later in the year.
• Try to buy local where possible. It might be slightly more expensive but could mean your local shops still exist next year.
• If your financial situation hasn’t altered, keep your regular subscriptions for local businesses – such
as yoga or other fitness studios. Most will be offering online classes to help with your health and wellness.
• Order takeaway from your local restaurants.
• Avoid refunds and postpone to a later date.

Free ways to show your support:
• Like, comment and share social media posts.
• Post a picture on social media from the past of a time you used their business – this can help to gain visibility.
• Leave a positive review online.
• Sign up to their newsletters
• Recommend them to your friends, family and colleagues
• Send them a message to say hi – they really will appreciate it!

Be patient while our amazing local businesses repair – they are adjusting to a new reality, still uncertain about the future and might not operate exactly as before.

As a community, let’s root for them all the way!

Looking for marketing or PR support? Contact Heather and her team at Brand Mission by emailing Follow the team on Instagram @brand_mission

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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