Is your conservatory too cold in winter and too hot in summer?

A foil quilt covered with this modern PVCu roof effect is the solution.

“It’s too cold in the winter and unbearably hot in summer.”

These are the words that staff at Tame Your Conservatory hear nearly every time they visit somebody
and talk to them about their conservatory. It’s either that or “we can’t use it”, or “it has become a
dumping ground.”

Yet about 15-20% of UK homes now boast a conservatory, a clever invention that dates from 1637 when the first Glass House was built at Oxford University.

These structures, originally intended to assist imported citrus fruits to flourish in our colder climate, are typified by the famous Nash conservatory built for the gardens of Buckingham Palace and moved under the orders of King William IV to Kew Gardens in 1836.

Modern day creations with treated and tinted glass, enhanced security features, and aluminium frames are a
far cry from the originals, or indeed the revisions, that in the 1970s gained popularity with homeowners nationwide through the advent of UPVC and PVCu (which are not the same thing).

By the nineties they were everywhere, beautifying houses, making them larger, creating more downstairs
space, allowing folk to sit and admire their beautiful gardens, some hardwood, many white but some
woodgrain, some glass roofed and others topped with a less expensive but still practical polycarbonate.

The conservatory has been embraced by us Brits and has become part and parcel of normality. But, as the press keep telling us, these are unprecedented times, with office workers forced to work from home by the recent pandemic, and parents furloughed from jobs and teaching children at home.

Many stresses have been enhanced by the current situation, and social distancing (a term rarely, if ever heard of before) has become part of our routine.

So, if you are now working from home and seeking an ideal space to set up your desk or office, if you
are teaching the kids in a cramped room, or spending way more time at home than before for whatever reason, it might be time to take a look at your conservatory.

Is your conservatory beautiful for about two or three mid season months of the year, and yet unbearably
hot and or cold for months on end?

If this is the case then there is a very simple, environmentally friendly, and cost effective way to
kwell the intense heat in summer and to stop the icebox effect in winter when your conservatory drains all
of the heat from your house, regardless of you turning the radiators up to full!

A modern insulation system is now available. There is a way of reclaiming your space from the elements,
it is clean, tidy, maintenance free, affordable, swift to fit, and effective with minimal disruption.

No skip is required and none of your existing roof is removed or goes to landfill. You can have installed an amazingly light yet effective thermal barrier in the form of a foil quilt, which is fixed to the inside of the existing roof.

This is then covered with lengths of white PVCu in a tongue and groove style that are sealed around the joints and the perimeter, giving a new modern roof effect that will not yellow with age.

It will expand and contract at the same rate as the existing external roof so no cracks will appear and, to top it all, the smooth contours and clean lines mean there are no hiding spaces for those pesky spiders.

As a bonus, the system dampens considerably the sound of rain, and because of the bright white effect the
room doesn’t appear to be darker as the light from the windows is reflected down to brighten the area.

Similar systems are advertised on daytime TV and in the national press, but the Tame Your Conservatory
product – which carries a ten year guarantee and meets every testable standard – will leave you feeling that you have paid a fair price for a great product, and for less money than their major competitors.

Call Tame Your Conservatory on 07598 341793 or visit for further information.

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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