The Return of the High Street Style

MK based guest writer Liz Alexander, who blogs as The Mummy Editorial, has written her picks for fashion as high street shops re-open following their coronavirus-induced closures.

We all know times have been tough and not many of us are ready to venture out fully yet. No matter who you are or what you do if you have a love for fashion – embrace it and I am here to keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends of 2020.

We all know that in these crazy times there has been no days out browsing the high street, but the fashion has not come to a stop. Trends are still appearing, and I am loving it.

During lockdown, I found more of us were clearing out our wardrobe and being more conscious about new purchases. However, that does not mean we do not have to stop shopping altogether.

You can find some gorgeous cutting-edge staple pieces that can be worn again and again. For all you savvy shoppers out there I have put together an ultimate hight street guide.

Gingham is showing up everywhere from dresses, two pieces, even headbands. This style has been around for an exceptionally long time but was most popular in the 60’s! A classic, simple and fresh style.

H&M £19.99

Flatforms have taken to our feet so quickly. Always with a chunky sole and open toe they are a take on the ‘not quite platform’. These are for everyone and they go with everything! Dresses, jeans, skirts the lot.

New Look £27.99

Having a blazer in your wardrobe has always been a must. It goes with just everything. Throw it over a dress or jeans to make a lasting impression. Right now, there are two types of blazers to look for. The first is a bright and bold statement blazer – giving your style a pop of colour to make heads turn. And, the second is a light and airy linen style. They are beautiful for afternoon family visits or summer evening strolls.

Dorothy Perkins £22.00

Mango £29.99

Shopping is certainly not just for women and men’s fashion has some new surprises! 2019 saw the slow disappearance of the skinny jeans as baggy denim and oversized tailoring has crept onto the shelves. Its important to step outside our comfort zone – so go on – try them!

GAP £26.99

Another favourite for 2020 is the vertical stripe! I think this is so flattering and can lengthen any body type. Pair with a smart jacket and jeans or causal with a vest underneath.

Reiss £55.00

My ‘Star Buy’ would be a unisex accessory, something that looks good on all of us. It would be a very classic and flattering straw hat. These are great for the summer days and pretty much go with anything you want to wear. Being the same for men and women styling a pair of jeans with a tee it would go perfectly.

Tommy Hilfiger £27.00

I know things are different right now and browsing the shops may not something you are enjoying but keeping up with the trends is a great way to prepare for when you feel ready to get out and don’t forget, all these items are also available online. Fashion can be anything you want it to be. It is there to make you feel good in yourself and that is why I love it so much. I really hope you enjoyed my guide; remember it is about being comfortable and feeling happy.

You can find Liz Alexander on Instagram @themummyeditorial or read her writing in full on her blog

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  1. Love it! Blazers such a good idea and so versatile! I get clothes online, no need to browse in shops so much anymore.


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