‘F45 helped me get in shape’

Before lockdown came along and ruined everything, we sent along local mum and teacher Laura Davies to review F45 Training in Milton Keynes…

When I was asked to take part in a challenge at the F45 studio in Milton Keynes earlier this
year, I was apprehensive.

In the past I’ve tried all sorts – kickboxing, circuits, insanity and many more, but this time was different for me as I hadn’t really done any form of major exercise since having my daughter.

As that was three years ago, what was my excuse?

So I went along to an information evening where I was warmly met by the Studio Manager, Dan. I quickly felt at ease and even made a friend to work out with before I left!

F45 is a training programme born in Australia that has really taken off in the UK. It offers a variety of daily workout sessions that push you to your limits.

When you participate in one of their regular eight-week challenges, you not only have unlimited classes at your fingertips, but are also given access to a nutrition app which provides meal plans, based on your designated calorie allowance.

You book classes through an app, and can track your progress with beginning, middle and end body scans. Simples!

I decided to go for it wholeheartedly – I quickly signed up to having my first body scan and weigh-in
the following Saturday, and decided I would commit to four sessions per week – no backing out!

Perhaps my only mistake was choosing the Saturday morning class first, Hollywood.

This is one of their most intense classes, lasting an hour instead of the usual weekday 45 minute ones. It
makes all the difference!

Looking back at my Instagram story, I relive the feeling I had afterwards – I was absolutely shattered but
felt so proud of myself!

From then, I enjoyed the variety of classes and soon found my favourite class being the resistance class. In particular, Tokyo Nights.

This isn’t just any gym – the community feel and support that I was given, not just by the staff but by the members was incredible.

Also, where else could you work out to a DJ set on a Saturday morning?

I was really gutted to have my challenge cut short due to the lockdown – I never got to have my final scan, but by the midway point I had less body fat, more lean muscle, and was feeling and looking so
much healthier.

I definitely recommend it to anybody looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

F45 Training MK is currently holding one-to-one outdoor coaching sessions and bringing
its studio to your home with live daily workouts. Call 07851447292 or follow them on Insta at @f45_training_miltonkeynes.

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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