Pandemic inspires launch of MK Charities website

The founders of the MK Charities website have shared their story as they look to provide a central service to help local people find charities to help for and give back to the community.

When the website’s founder Charlotte Moyle was furloughed 3 months ago, she wanted to spend the time giving back to her community, but struggled to find where all the information was.

She reached out to Joanne McClaren and Tricia Chambers after virtually meeting them at the Twitter-based networking event #MKHour ran by Debbie Lewis, and asked for their help to create the MK Charities website.

Charlotte, Jo and Tricia have now launched a website that allows people to find charities that they can volunteer for, donate to and enjoy the events of.

This will be an ongoing project, sharing weekly blog posts on the MK Charities website, featuring each MK charity and organisation. Their website already has charities such as MacIntyre, Curly Tails, The Lewis Foundation and more.

As the initiative continues, there will be more charities and organisations on the donate and fundraise page as their project grows, eventually planning to feature all 1400+ MK charities and organisations.

The hub is an evolution to give ALL Milton Keynes charities and organisations a voice, big or small and the team have collaborated with local creatives, including Courtney Crawley(@courtneysdesigns_), Michael Waite(@mwaitephotography) and Ken Tompkins(@kenstravelgram).

Their mission is to grow and they would love for others to get involved. If you would like to support your local Milton Keynes charities and organisations then please drop an email to, or visit their website at

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