‘Reduce stress by enjoying the outdoors’

Local blogger Jenny Wykes explains the benefits for you and your kids of getting out into open green spaces…

It’s a fact that the outdoors is great for reducing stress levels and boosting our overall wellbeing.

It’s exactly the same for our children too. Picture this. You’re at home with your child and they are
bored, climbing the walls, asking for a snack for the 100th time, you’ve exhausted all activities, educational fun and you find yourself saying; no, not yet or just a minute.

Sounds stressful doesn’t it, but we’ve all been there right?

Being a parent is hard, no matter how many children you have, it’s tough. Moments like these are a great time to shove on our trainers, head outside and explore.

Let’s imagine now being in an open green space, with freshly cut grass beneath your feet. You look around and see yellow buttercups and dandelions.

You take a deep breath in and your lungs fill with air. I am certain you will start to feel calm
and feel a little bit freer.

You are watching your child running through overgrown grass giggling, as they are jumping as high as they possibly can.

They encourage you to join in too and tell you they’ve spotted a tiny ladybird and to come and have a look.

It all ends with you collecting twigs and fallen leaves to make your very own camp fire where you sit and feed off your child’s enchanted imagination, talking about fairies and monsters.

You sit still and you just can’t help but smile about the adventure your child’s just taken you on.

We can learn from our children. Children tend to spot beauty everywhere they go. They take enjoyment from
the simplest things, where most of the time we are too busy.

Just this week my daughter, age three, spotted a gorgeous pink singular flower, hidden beneath a large green overgrown bush. She walks around with her eyes fully open.

If we lived more like a child and took a leaf out of their book, we could let go of some of our daily battles, even if it’s just for a minute.

Follow Jenny on Instagram at @theoutdoorsmum

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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