The Scene Column: The Noise is Beautiful at Tinkers Lane

Music reporter Vicki McCarthy talks to local band Tinkers Lane and finds out how their new album has done during lockdown…

Although live music venues are still closed, I’ve been happy to see bands and artists collaborating
together, adapting their craft and providing fans with other means to experience their talent.

We’ve seen bands have gigs via Zoom, solo artists performing on Facebook events, and witnessed open mic nights happening in a virtual fashion.

Never have I been more grateful for the advances in technology!

I caught up with one such group who are making the best of these difficult times, by going ahead with their new album release, despite being unable to play gigs to promote it.

Step forward Ian Roberts of local band Tinkers Lane. Having had the pleasure of previously hearing Ian’s solo work and watching him play live, I was keen to find out more about the five-piece, and their sound.

“Our sound?” Ian repeated, “Well, it’s been described as ‘beautiful noise’ before, which we were happy to accept and use to inspire the album title. We’ve influences from different genres, and we tried to do something different for the album, which gives a nod to these musical styles!”

He elaborated: “We wanted to challenge what else is out there. There’s a lot of generic pop music around at the moment. So many musicians are good at what they do, but don’t deviate in style. You rarely see a jazz singer doing reggae, or a rock band doing pop. But we felt that we had such a mix of experience and
genres that inspire us, we wanted that to be reflected in the album ‘The Noise is Beautiful’.”

And how did they do that? Ian explained: “Well, on the album, you can tell they’re all Tinkers Lane tracks, but one tune has a Country and Western feel, another is a catchy pop song, we have a reggae piece and even one that’s got a Chas and Dave vibe, who I know you’re a huge fan of, Vicki!”

“We also collaborated with so many other talented local musicians,” Ian added. “For the strings and backing vocals for example. So, we decided that we had to go ahead with the release despite lockdown and it’s been a surprising success!”

With a cheery album cover depicting the band members from behind, sat on the top of Ian’s Winnebago, fans have asked, “What are the band looking at?”

“We aren’t looking,” Ian smiled. “We are listening.”

And people certainly are listening, as the album is selling online to all corners of the globe. With a special mention to French music lovers, where ‘The Noise is Beautiful’ has proved to be particularly popular.

Ian continued: “We already had 15 summer festivals booked at the start of this year.

“We had many enquiries and bookings after playing at Beautiful Days last year and couldn’t wait to get back out there with the new material.

“But you know what? It’s been heartening to see people get behind us, buy our music and help us to carry on doing what we love.

“After lockdown, we’re obviously looking forward to playing live again, but also working on the next album, as we’ve got loads more music to share.”

It sounds obvious, but so am I! After a bad storm, there’s often a rainbow that follows.

Find out more online at

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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