Beauty with Nilam Column: ‘Wearing PPE in salons will be the norm’

World-renowned beauty and skin expert Nilam Holmes talks about preparing to reopen Dermaspa and how she will never go back to working 80-hour weeks.

Hi, I’m Nilam Holmes, beauty expert to the stars and owner of renowned Dermaspa clinic.

It seems that July 4th will be the earliest possible opening date for all hair and beauty salons.

I have been busy catching up on so much work, but I’ve missed being at Dermaspa with my team and our clients.

We have been inundated with clients desperate to get back in to have treatments, to make them look and feel better, and it is reassuring to know that we have a business to come back to. The local support has been amazing.

I went to my clinic this week to do a full risk assessment, so we can make it Covid-19 safe for staff and clients. We have had to strip it bare and after doing this exercise, we realised we still have a lot
of changes to make, to get it ready for opening.

We have such close contact with our clients, so it’s going to be a real challenge for us to operate safely when we get back to it.

Having had some medical training, I’m used to wearing basic PPE at work for certain treatments, but never thought I would see the day that our clients would have to wear it too.

I think wearing extensive PPE in salons will be the norm from now on for at least six months and it’s going to be a real journey of learning this new way of working.

There’s going to be a compromise for both therapists and our clients. We are used to pampering
our clients with blankets, hot towels and mittens but that luxury element and friendly coffees with our clients, before and after their treatments, will have to go.

Sadly, this is what all of us build our reputations on and our clients become our friends, but all treatments will be focussed on doing the job in hand for a while.

I have been filming for another series of 10 Years Younger remotely, which was a unique experience. I
am used to working on TV, but we weren’t able to do any physical transformations this time because of social distancing.

So I had to talk to some robotic cameras the whole time like a presenter being directed over Zoom.

The show will be packed full of information on how to look and feel 10 Years Younger.

Being in lockdown has been like an epiphany for me. I have worked 80 hours a week for as long as I can
remember and it’s been lovely to have some time to evaluate my life, and now I have the chance to reset the pace.

For more, visit and follow Nilam’s updates on Instagram @nilamholmes

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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