Hannah’s parenting style does no Arm to son Jack on Channel 4 show

MK mum Hannah Armitage overwhelmed by the praise she’s received for her little gentleman after they starred on ‘Britain’s Best Parent?’

Milton Keynes mum Hannah Armitage admits she has been moved to tears by the glowing messages of praise she has received for her son after their appearance on a hit reality TV show.

Hannah and Jack were filmed for the primetime Channel 4 show ‘Britain’s Best Parent?’, where the single mum’s ‘parent-centric’ approach to parenting was put to the test against two couples with very different philosophies for raising their children.

Jack was shown bringing his mum a cup of tea in the morning, taking modelling photos of her for one of
her jobs as a social media influencer, carrying shopping bags for young girls, as well as saying his mum is his best friend and that she’s taught him to be grateful for any dinner he is given.

Hannah was criticised in the studio debate by ‘childcentric’ couple Mia and Adam – who allow their children to pick their own individual dinner each night – who argued that she treats Jack like a servant.

But Hannah hit back by saying the proof is in the pudding with the way Jack behaves. And viewers agreed Hannah’s parenting style does no Arm to son Jack on Channel 4 show as she was flooded with messages of support for raising such a charming little gentleman, who turned 11 during filming and is now 12.

Hannah, who is also an award-winning local radio presenter, blogger and owner of HD Social, said: “I’m so happy that everyone loves Jack. He’s really chuffed and extremely grateful for all the nice messages from the public I’ve shown him.

“It was pretty intimidating as a single parent being up against two couples in the studio so I took my nan along with me for support in the audience!

“I’ve been waiting ages for it to be shown on TV as it kept getting pushed back so now I’m just relieved it’s over!”

The parents had to look after each other’s children for a day on the show, so Hannah played basketball with them, took them to The Broughton pub for lunch and then gave them a shopping list of items to buy themselves from her local Budgens, with the aim of boosting the kids’ confidence and social independence.

But ‘strict parents’ Nicky and David were voted the winners of the episode by the studio audience and progressed to the grand final, despite admitting they smack their children.

Hannah added: “My parenting style is actually pretty similar to theirs, which is probably why we’re good friends a year on.”

Hannah featured in episode 2 of ‘Britain’s Best Parent?’ on Thursday June 4th on Channel 4. You can watch it again on All 4.

This feature was published in the July 2020 issue of Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine. Read the full magazine above or by clicking on this link.

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